Super City You is an illustrated 2D animation of the abstract flourishing imaginary vegetation that grows and fills up the dense city skyline. The different people living and visiting the city who enrich themselves on a daily basis are the source of this vibrant metaphorical toperary. Partially influenced by the decorative stone patterns and frieze seen on older buildings throughout most city.
Digitally animated in Adobe CC, HD 2min 50 sec. No audio. For video projection.
A city is filled with people dreaming, thinking, watching and teaching others. This energy creates a metaphorical garden that grows from buildings. The animation "Super City You" features the possibility of people transforming themselves into something larger. The personas seen looming in the city gardens are abstract visual representations of their potential. "Super City You" hopes to inspire viewers who see themselves in it to keep growing and seeking and transforming.
I want to remind people of their potential. I daydream a lot about a metaphorical garden that grows out from condensed cityscapes because of all the people dreaming, thinking, watching and teaching each other.
"Even if for a few seconds I want people to realize they can transform into super versions of themselves"
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