I work under the name Crankbunny as an animation director and artist. I have a unique approach and have created a special space collaborating with various advertising folks, musicians, directors and other types of lovely creators / thinkers for two+ decades. 
I’ve directed and created visual content for the United Nations, AMEX, ING, Nestle, AMEX, Holt Renfrew, the band Rush, Etsy, Adult Swim, Mayo Clinic, United Airlines, Meta and other similar lovely folks. My animated short “Animals Will Leave Us First” is part of the Museum of Modern Art permanent film collection. I directed a climate documentary "Humanity Has Not Yet Failed featuring Greta Thunberg" with Jared P. Scott which won an Emmy with The New York Times.
I went to fancy schools for many years of fine arts / film training / animation studies - yet in the famous words of a few old men, “I’d rather be fishing.”
I’m a big fan of instinct. My friends and family all share the same frustration of not being able to reach me. Don’t be surprised when I can’t say captain, Massachusetts, thyme and hearth correctly - English is not my first language. Ya tu sabe.
Question? Comments? Answers? WORK@CRANKBUNNY.COM
The Crankbunny Shop is closed. Paper puppets, pop up cards and paper toys are no longer being produced and are not available for sale. Books are still sold - click here for more information.
A Crankbunny is very magical type of fish - an aquatic being that inhabits particular waters only found in a handful locations in the world. Under the name Crankbunny, animation director Norma V. Toraya creates fascinating visual stories about people, relevant situations and human emotions.
Crankbunny is one word - no caps.

Toraya sounds like "Soraya" with a T.   English : Toe-Rye-yAh
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