How do I become a SSoPC member?
Membership is automatic with book purchase. Previous members who had special logins / memberships don't need to worry about that any longer.
What is the SSoPC and how many members are there?
SSoPC stands for "Secret Society of Paper Cuts". It is a secret club of those who are interested in paper crafts. There are many members and the exact number is undisclosed to the public.
When do the SSoPC book journals get released?
Periodically. Randomly. Indefinitely. As time permits.
Can or where do I download all the templates for the book?
Scroll to the bottom of this page to get download links.
How does one become an elite member of this secret society?
Many tins of chocolate free cookies AND a paper cut injury resulting of a lost limb or bodily appendage.
Where can I buy the pop up card, paper doll or paper toy from the book?
The pop up cards, paper dolls and paper toys from each journal are not available for sale. Each project book template is based on this art. Get your crafty on! Purchase the appropriate book, follow the tutorials and build these yourself.
Has Crankbunny written any other books?
Crankbunny was also the author of Paper Puppet Palooza.
How do I look at the Digital PDF Version of the book on my tablet / Ipad / phone / etc?
The digital version of the SSoPC journals are available only in PDF format. Please use the appropriate app (Application) or program on your digital device to view the PDF file.
Does the book come with materials (brads, paper, glue, weights, etc) needed for each project? 
Each book comes with black and white templates for each book project. Additional materials are easily available at hardware stores, junk drawers, crafty rooms and art boxes. These additionals materials are not supplied with each book.
What is the SSoPC’s stance on monkeys wearing dresses?
SSoPC honors and respects any monkey's personal decision to dress or not dress in a fancy frock.
Volume 1 (Intro) online templates - click here
Volume 2 (Dolls) online templates - click here
Volume 3 (Pop Up Cards) online templates - click here
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