Presented in partnership with Times Square Arts, Advertising Week and OAAA
Featuring intro from "Shamek Farrah And Folks - La Dee La La Song"

Photos courtesy of Ka-Man Tse for Times Square Arts.
“I daydream a lot about a garden that grows out from the buildings of New York City because of all the people dreaming, thinking, watching, and teaching each other inside.”
—Crankbunny / Norma V. Toraya
The illustrated animation Super City You (2019) depicts New York City’s skyline overtaken by fantastically flowering plants. Seen first at their windows and then in giant form beside skyscrapers, the human residents of the city transform into superlative versions of themselves inspired by comic book heroes, monster movies, and mythological creatures. Celebrating the diverse and enriching cultural landscape of New York City, Crankbunny hopes that the flourishing characters inspire viewers to fulfill their own creative potential.
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